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The Ragni Group, founded in 1927, is the French expert in on-grid and self-powered public lighting solutions. Thierry is also a professional in the sector. Inspired by the fast development of the market and his customers’ expectations, he wants to put innovation to work for the energy transition. The pooling of expertise seems an obvious way to do this. Which brings us to the creation of the subsidiary SEVⓔ, an entreprise à mission (company with a social purpose), offering connected solutions for regional use.

We listen to your plans and give you access to interoperable and scalable technologies

The Central Management System (CMS) collects data from the sensors to give users a better understanding of consumer requirements.
The software can be operated via an online dashboard. It is easy to use and fully configurable.
From street lights to electric vehicles, from waste to parking spaces, SEVⓔ stores a secure database (ISO27001), enriched by real-time information.




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Optimising the consumption of energy-intensive assets

Connecting all uses for a simplified global vision

Reducing our impact by using all existing and future technologies